Magellan Aviation

Magellan Aviation, McClellan-Palomar Airport's largest FBO, is strategically located at the west end of the field, making it the most private and secure facility at Palomar Airport, and easiest to access for arriving aircraft. Magellan offers the aviation community of San Diego County high-quality, fastidiously-sized private hangars and community hangar space, as well as office suites for lease, with conference rooms, classroom, pilots' lounge, kitchen facilities, reception and waiting areas in our new FBO building, all supported by a customer-oriented reception staff and highly-experienced line service available to all tenants in addition to other aviation services.

In spring of 2007 Magellan began construction of over 124,000 square feet of differently-sized, “built-to-fit” private hangars that have been designed to suit a full range of existing recreational and business aircraft, from the Eclipse and Diamond Jet to a Global Express or Gulfstream 550. To complement these new hangars, Magellan is building a new FBO with private executive suites, most with views of the runway, as well as several storefront offices together totaling over 20,000 square feet.

NEW private hangars and offices will consist of the following:

Hangar A 29,916 SF (131' x 221') Two G550's or Globals + one G450
Office A 2,400 SF Storefront Office
Hangar B* 25,250 SF (131' x 217') Community Space
Hangar D 8,480 SF Legacy 600, Challenger 850, or Falcon 900
Office D 1,200 - 2,400 SF Size subject to Hangar D aircraft
Hangar E 5,616 SF (78' x 72') G150, G200, Falcon 50 or Sovereign
Hangar F (7)** 3,600 SF each (60' x 60') Mustang, CJ's, Lears, Phenoms or Hawkers
Hangar G** 4,500 SF (60' x 75') Community Space
Office H** 3,690 SF Storefront Office
Hangar I (4) 1,843 SF each (48' x 38') Eclipse, Diamond Jet, TBM or Meridian
Office I 966 SF Two (2) storefront offices
FBO & Offices 11,152 SF Runway views

* Can be demised into two (2) separate private hangars: approx. 14,866 SF - 131' x 116' and approx. 9,896 SF - 111' x 101'.

** Future contruction.

EXISTING hangar storage and offices:

Single T-hangar (12) 1,140-1,506 SF each
Multi-Engine T-hangar (10) 1,500-1,650 SF
Executive T-hangar (3) 3,180 SF
Community hangar (2) 9,400 SF
Executive Office Suites (24) 221 SF – 1,330 SF

To view the new site plan for Magellan Aviation, please click here.

If you would like more information about leasing opportunities, please call Robert Levine (Director/General Manager) at (760) 804-3999 or Sandy Walker (Marketing Director) at (760) 438-3215.